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An Interstatial (not a word) Trifecta

Madison, WY to Island Park, ID

Last night felt like the longest night on this trip. The rain that started in the early evening essentially trapped me in my tent around 7:00 PM. Sure, I could’ve gotten out but it’s not like there was anywhere to go. Sadly, it’s not like there was really anything toRead More …

Slacking Off

Powell, WY

After a gruelling day on the bike yesterday, I decided to make today a rest day. Ok, yeah … none of that sentence is true. Yesterday’s meagre ride of 40.51 km hardly warranted a rest day today. However, I did have a work project to finish and my original planRead More …

The Legend of Assumption Abbey

Bismarck, ND to Richardton, ND

Before calling it a night last night, I had a bit of a chat with Anna about my upcoming route (which continues to be more than a little vague) as she has been to some of the places I am wanting to see. We also talked about my accommodation plansRead More …

Not Bad For an Old Guy

St. Joseph, MN to Moorhead, MN

After 23 straight days of riding, I was beginning to think about taking a rest day. Actually, I was thinking of it more as a day off than a rest day since I really didn’t feel like I needed rest – despite pedalling more than 2,100 km. Either way, thereRead More …

Temperature Regulation

Wenona, IL to Kewanee, IL

Last night’s camping in the pavilion resulted in a great sleep – I must’ve been tired considering the lights of the pavilion were on all night. I knew they would be and I considered moving my tent to a darker part of the park but I suspected I would beRead More …

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