July, 2016

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Another Day, Another First (July 27th)

Ripon to Grange Moor

Much like yesterday, I woke this morning to the sound of rain on the roof. Unlike yesterday, I was actually in my tent and so said sound was significantly louder. That said, I still managed to tune it out and go back to sleep. If nothing else, cycle touring hasRead More …

Hills, Thrills, and Fountains Abbey (July 26th)

Settle to Ripon

Yesterday afternoon’s plan to dry out my tent was a good one. The plan of not packing up my tent yesterday afternoon when the tent was actually dry was not a good one. In all honesty, I kind of forgot about it. That kind of forgetfulness proved to be moreRead More …

Settle, Not Settling (July 25th)

Dufton to Settle

Despite last night’s map reviews, I didn’t know exactly where I was heading today. I had an intermediary destination but not a final destination. I had sent out a Warm Showers request but had yet to get a response – either favourably or negatively. I decided I would set outRead More …

A Minor Milestone (July 24th)

Hadrian’s Wall to Dufton

Today’s ride began with a planned destination. I received a Warm Showers response from Brian in Dufton which was about 75 km from my starting point at the Hadrian’s Wall campground. As has somewhat become the norm, it would be a short riding day again today. Then again, as mentionedRead More …

Just Another Stone In The Wall (July 23rd)

Bellingham to Hadrian’s Wall

Yesterday’s somewhat long ride of 117 km meant today was likely to be a very short ride. Not because of fatigue or anything like that but I figured today would be more of a touristy day where I would actually stop and see things along the way. Well, one thingRead More …

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