September, 2015

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West Is Best

Coronado Island, CA

One way or another, today would be my last day in San Diego. Once I upload this update I’ll start getting my gear together for tomorrow’s ride. Phase three of my ride is on the horizon. And this time the horizon is to the east. Craig and Sue left theRead More …

Back On The Bus

Ensenada, Mexico to San Diego, CA

After an extended weekend in Mexico, it was time to head back to the border and focus my attention on the Southern Tier route to Florida. My main reason for going to Mexico (other than the fact that it was there) was to try to wait out the unseasonably hotRead More …

Tacos, Churros, and Cerveza

Ensenada, Mexico

After spending two days NOT exploring Mexico, today I planned on being a tourist. I didn’t know exactly what that would entail, but I knew I wouldn’t be spending the day staring at a computer screen. And that was a good thing. The day began after a long night andRead More …

All Work And (Mostly) No Play

Ensenada, Mexico

Today was another day of all work and no play. Well, very little play anyway. Much of the day was spent working on a book trailer for a friend’s first novel, Weeping Water. If you’re curious about the book you can check out his site at – the trailerRead More …

Nothing To Write Home About

As much as I wanted to go outside today, enjoy the sun, explore Mexico, and finally try my first fish taco, I didn’t. Instead, I confined myself to the hostel to get caught up on my blog. I was already an unacceptable four days behind and the updates weren’t goingRead More …

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