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Today’s Ferry Tale

Yarmouth, NS to Portland, ME

So, I’m on the ferry from Yarmouth to Portland. I have a great location in the piano lounge looking over the bow of the boat to a beautiful sunny day. The day didn’t start that way though. Last night was probably the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.Read More …

The Next Big Thing

Shelburne, NS to Yarmouth, NS

To the best of my knowledge, the drive-by of the RCMP vehicle while I was setting up last night was the only appearance said vehicle made. Again, to the best of my knowledge. In some ways I think his original observation of my presence was a good thing – itRead More …

It Was a Dark and Rainy Morning

Bridgewater, NS to Shelburne, NS

My night hiding behind the “Road Closed” sign passed without incident. Other than rain. I’m not sure if it rained all night but it started around 11:00 and was raining whenever I wfoke up during the night and this morning. I was hoping to get an early start but decidedRead More …

The Return of the Leisurely Ride

Halifax, NS to Bridgewater, NS

Disclaimer: Today was a really good day; however, not much really happened so if you’re looking for a big adventure you’re going to have to wait – or go back and read a previous update. As I acknowledged in yesterday’s first update, my leisurely ride through Canada’s east coast somehowRead More …

Reports of My Demise Exaggerated

I’m back. Well, I never really went anywhere but I do apologize for not updating yesterday. Recovery has taken a little longer than expected. The constant need for food and drink will never cease to annoy me. Anyway, I’ll start with where I am now and work backwards to myRead More …

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