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With my originally “planned” return date having passed, it seemed like it was time to put the final closure on this year’s ride. I know, I know … you thought that was the point of the previous post. What can I say, I’m dragging it out. Side note: I didn’tRead More …

The Funny Thing About Conditioning

London, ON to Camlachie, ON

After yesterday’s very successful start to the journey, I was feeling surprisingly good about my conditioning – again, considering I hadn’t really done any training. That optimism MAY have been jumping the gun a wee bit. Yes, I felt good when I woke up this morning (and it didn’t hurtRead More …

And That’s That. Now What?

East Aurora, NY to Delhi, ON

This morning began well when I confirmed that the videos I had left to upload through the night had indeed finished successfully. With work “finished” (seriously, I’m sure there will be more revisions), I set about packing up for the big day. Whether “big” is good or bad is aRead More …

Crossing Borders

Kenora, ON to Prawda, MB

The best part of waking up after a night in a motel is not having to pack up a tent – a tent that is generally wet, I might add. Today was no different but there was an added bonus. Not only did I wake knowing there was no tentRead More …

The Cowboy Room

Terrace Bay, ON to Nipigon, ON

The Tourist Information Centre in Terrace Bay proved to be a successful, albeit occasionally noisy, spot for wild camping. Unfortunately, and for reasons I can’t really explain, I didn’t sleep particularly well last night – and it had nothing to do with the traffic noise throughout the night. You’d thinkRead More …

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