October, 2015

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Happy Hallowe’en

Schulenburg, TX

From a weather perspective, the timing of much of my ride through Texas has been rather fortuitous. Okay, not from a wind perspective. That has been far from fortuitous. But from a rain perspective I’d consider myself rather fortunate. I was able to avoid riding in any of Hurricane Patricia’sRead More …

Copperhead Road

Luling-ish, TX to Schulenburg, TX

My night of sleeping on a bridge went very well. Again, I can’t believe I just typed that. Sure, I had to inflate my mattress a few times during the night – asphalt is not a particularly comfortable sleeping surface – but other than that I had a great sleep.Read More …

Bridging The City Ordinance

Seguin, TX to Luling-ish, TX

It’s pretty rare that I have any trouble sleeping and apparently any concern over the legality of last night’s camping location didn’t change that. The way I see it, there’s not much point worrying about things beyond my control and so I don’t. Fortunately, the only interruption during my nightRead More …

Camp Walmart

San Antonio, TX to Seguin, TX

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then my day got off to an decent start. Not a particularly healthy start. But there were more than a few sweet calories consumed. Unlike my mornings in Del Rio, there were no waffles this morning. At least not freshRead More …

A Subway Century

Sabinal, TX to San Antonio, TX

Last night’s stay in the park went about as well as I could’ve hoped. When I first arrived at the park yesterday there was quite a bit of activity in the area with a relatively large number of kids taking advantage of the basketball court. Their game ended shortly afterRead More …

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