July, 2015

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Jasper The Friendly Host

Mount Kerkeslin, AB to Jasper, AB

Today I woke knowing that Jasper (and the end of the Icefields Parkway) was near. Very near. As in less than 35 km near. I was definitely happy to be nearing Jasper but I was a little sad to be leaving the Icefields Parkway. Despite the short distance remaining toRead More …

A Minor Damage Report

Wilcox, AB to Mount Kerkeslin, AB

Today was another one of those days that didn’t go as planned. Of course, as I’ve often said, it’s hard for things to go according to plan when there is no plan in place. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that today was just a day full of procrastination. It’sRead More …

Boom Goes The Alcohol Stove

Mosquito Creek, AB to Wilcox Campground, AB

Despite being warned of there being both a grizzly and a black bear near the campground, I was not consumed or even visited by a bear last night. As mentioned in my previous update though, I had taken the appropriate precautions by stowing what little food I have in aRead More …

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Lake Louise Village, AB to Mosquito Creek, AB

Last night may have been the coldest night I’ve ever spent in a tent. Sure, it wasn’t to the level of winter camping but there’s a reason I don’t camp in the winter. I don’t enjoy being cold (in case that wasn’t obvious). And last night certainly pushed the lowerRead More …

No Bears Allowed

Canmore, AB to Lake Louise Village, AB

My first night in my new tent went about as well as one would expect. Despite having the same sized footprint as my old tent, the interior of my new home is noticeably smaller. I also much prefer having two doors on each side rather than one door at theRead More …

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