September, 2017

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And That’s That. Now What?

East Aurora, NY to Delhi, ON

This morning began well when I confirmed that the videos I had left to upload through the night had indeed finished successfully. With work “finished” (seriously, I’m sure there will be more revisions), I set about packing up for the big day. Whether “big” is good or bad is aRead More …

It Was Wet Then It Wasn’t

Wellsville, NY to East Aurora, NY

While the title of this update essentially sums up the day, it’s not really a FULLY accurate assessment of the day. Yes, it was wet and then it wasn’t. But in between there was a progression from wet, to very wet, to VERY REALLY wet. And then it wasn’t. AtRead More …

Goodbye Pennsylvania

Wellsboro, PA to Wellsville, NY

The advantage to yesterday’s extended ride was that today would be a short ride. I mean, I guess it didn’t have to be and I could’ve just gone further but I already made arrangements with a host so I decided to stick with that plan. Due to the shorter distanceRead More …

Not How I Planned It

Lewisburg, PA to Wellsboro, PA

For better or for worse, my foray back into highway riding was very short-lived with much of today’s ride being back on a trail – the Pine Creek Rail Trail to be precise. It wasn’t paved but it was comprised of crushed limestone and, for the most part, provided aRead More …

Back In the High(way) Life Again

Harrisburg, PA to Lewisburg, PA

In keeping with the trend of getting progressively closer to meeting my intended departure time, today I only missed the mark by a mere ten minutes. I was actually ready to leave on time but then decided to take a few photos of Tracy and Teresa’s yard. I’m a fanRead More …

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