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Going Dutch (August 5)

Harwich to Amsterdam

The overnight crossing from Harwich to Hook of Holland was either a very smooth crossing or I just slept through any unpleasant sea motions. Or maybe it was a little of both. Either way, I think it took all of five seconds to fall asleep once my head hit theRead More …

The End Of England (August 4)

Colchester to Harwich

Waking up early doesn’t always lead to getting on the road early. Actually, my skills in the field of procrastination often makes the opposite scenario a somewhat frequent occasion. This would be one of those mornings. So much so that I didn’t even depart this morning. The morning came andRead More …

From One Pub To Another (August 3)

Cambridge to Colchester

Just like yesterday’s ride, today’s journey began with an escort out of the city. Hmmmm … I really hope the intent of these guided rides out of cities is intended to be helpful and not a means to usher me out of town as quickly as possible! After being guidedRead More …

Busways, Canals, and Punting (August 2)

Brampton to Cambridge

To say there have been a lot of short riding days lately would be a bit of an understatement. It’s been a very strange tour in that regard. And today looked to be another short day on the bike. Again, the reason for all these short days is that I’mRead More …

A Lot Of Overs (July 31st)

When I arrived at the campground last night the office was closed so I couldn’t pay for my site at that time. It was more than a little fortuitous that when I left the campground this morning the office was still closed. Sure, I may have made a conscious effortRead More …

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