June, 2016

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A Not-So-Wee Issue

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been in Scotland for a week. A lot has happened in that time. And perhaps even more has NOT happened in that time. As previously established, my preferred method of posting updates is on a daily basis or at least sequentially. It’s an approachRead More …

Test from Scotland

Technical difficulties have prevented any updates or comments or even¬† Guest Book postings.¬† If you’re reading this then the issue may have finally been somewhat resolved.  But not completely.

Waiting For Wednesday

After a six month cycling hiatus – not necessarily a planned hiatus, but a hiatus nonetheless – the hours are rapidly dwindling before I embark of my first European cycling tour. I’m not going to lie, I’m more than a little surprised as to the number of iterations my “plannedRead More …

Smooth As Silk

Plans continue as I prepare to embark for Glasgow in two weeks. Two weeks … wow, where does the time go? I’m not going to lie, planning my trip around North America was much easier because, well … I was much more familiar with where I was going. My knowledgeRead More …

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