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Happy Thanksgiving!

Duncan, AZ to Deming, NM

This morning was another one of those early mornings. Actually, this morning was one of those REALLY early mornings. I was awake before 5:00 and was actually on the road before 6:00. If this keeps up I’m going to turn into a morning person. Then again, maybe not. Despite beingRead More …

Tears In Safford

Safford, AZ to Duncan, AZ

Despite being a night person, early mornings have become the norm recently. Like it or not, it’s a trend that I expect will continue as I work my east. The original motivation to recent early starts was to avoid some of the midday heat in the desert – although, thatRead More …

The Wicked Wind Of The East

Globe, AZ to Safford, AZ

Prognosticating is something best left to professionals. Then again, paying someone to prognosticate can be dubious at best. I mean, if those professionals could REALLY see the future they probably shouldn’t need to be paid to do so. That said, you don’t need to be a prognosticator to predict whereRead More …

Tunnel Vision

Superior, AZ to Globe, AZ

The wind was back with a vengeance today. Not AT my back. Just back. And very much NOT at my back. After enjoying a few days of unexpected (but dare I say well deserved) tailwinds, nature had corrected its course and the winds were once again coming from the east.Read More …

Simply Superior Scenery

Tempe, AZ to Superior, AZ

Today almost started the way I planned it. Almost. And it wasn’t even a complex plan. Really, it consisted of two things. Get a photo with my host, Dan. Hit the road by 9:00. Hardly earth shattering plans. At 8:30, things were looking good. In fact, I was ahead ofRead More …

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