December, 2015

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And Then It Was Over

Inverness, FL to Lakeland, FL

My lesson from two nights ago of being well rested after going to bed early clearly did not sink in as this morning seemed to come particularly quickly. I’m sure going to bed at 12:45 AM likely had something to do with that. After a quick photo with my finalRead More …

The Penultimate Ride

Bell, FL to Inverness, FL

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to repeat myself. Yesterday was certainly one of the true highlights of my entire ride. Between the people, the conversation, the food, and the spontaneity of it all, it was truly a great day. I really hope I get to see Gabriela,Read More …

From Flat To Fat

Perry, FL to Bell, FL

Some days just start off badly. As you might have guessed, today was one of those days. After a great sleep I woke up ready for another day of riding. Sadly, my front tire apparently wasn’t as enthusiastic about the day. Instead, it started the day rather flat. Actually, completelyRead More …

Chance Meeting In Tally

Tallahassee, FL to Perry, FL

For the first time since June 18th, I woke this morning in the Eastern Time Zone. Despite Sue, Kevin, and Dominic all having breakfast about five metres away, I was completely unaware of their presence until about 6:45. After all those nights of sleeping near train tracks I can prettyRead More …

Chilly Ride, Warm Welcome

Blountstown, FL to Tallahassee, FL

After a very quiet and relaxing evening and subsequent sleep in David’s trailer in the woods, I woke to weather that was significantly different from yesterday. On the upside, the rain had completely moved on. On the downside, a very chilly morning was left in its wake. Very chilly. AndRead More …

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