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Julia wrote on June 11, 2023
Glad to see the blog is up and running! Love the video!
Bonnie Schneider wrote on April 3, 2020
Hi Mark, Love your video, thought you should know I do check up on your page every once in awhile to see what you are up to.
Admin Reply by: Mark
Thanks Bonnie. Glad you enjoyed the video. And glad you still check in now and then. Hope all is well with you in these crazy days.
Michael Gale wrote on September 23, 2019
Mark, this may be a very random question but do you recall where in Pawtucket (MA) you took the picture of the Pawtucket sign that mentions the twinned town Belper in Derbyshire. It's in your write up from September 2014 titled "THERE ONCE WAS A MAN IN PAWTUCKET". I was born in Belper and I am in the Boston area and wanted to also take a snap of the sign. Thanks in advance if you remember.
Admin Reply by: Mark
Hi Michael. I DO remember that sign. I'll send you an e-mail with more details. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Mark wrote on August 10, 2019
Thanks for all the comments. Thanks Jodi for the cookie info. Thanks Janis for enjoying what I've been writing. Thanks Aunt Marilyn for following my ups and downs. Thanks Mary for watching my Enchanted Highway video. And thanks Dad for thinking of me. As for my India plans ... all I know is I'll be there for a couple of weeks. I'll find out the rest as it happens. Oh, and yes I saw Cass' comment. And thanks for all the other comments - I read and appreciate them all.
Doug Cassidy wrote on August 9, 2019
We are sitting here having a brew... your Dad , Ev and Doug and Dutch and Donna
Thinking of you daily and hope all is well
Did you get Cass message::
What are your India plans and when are you going and for how long
Mary wrote on August 5, 2019
Hi Mark! We ran across your video of the Enchanted Highway when North Dakota Tourism shared it on Twitter. It's fantastic! The drone is working out beautifully! We're sharing it, too, on Beautiful Badlands ND social media. Sure enjoy the documentation of your journey, and glad you got a glimpse of our state! Best of luck to you in your continued travels, Mary of
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 1, 2019
Hi Mark; Have been following you all the way & your climb & descent sounded exciting. Always enjoy keeping up with you.
Janis wrote on July 28, 2019
Hi Mark!
I enjoyed reading your entry and I hope you get some crunchy peanut butter soon:).
JODI KOSARY wrote on July 28, 2019
Hi Mark.. I'm catching up with your blog and saw a couple weeks ago you stopped at Dollar Tree to look for those cookies. They are called Biscoff cookies and you'll probably have to ask.. They are not kept with the other cookies there. They are at the end of an aisle. At least at the store in our town.
Patrick and Roo wrote on July 18, 2019
We met you at the big grasshopper on the Enchanted Highway! It’s so cool that you are biking all that way! Stay safe and good luck on the rest of your travels!!!!
Kevin Kiser wrote on July 1, 2019
Thanks for the video of your great basketball skills! and for the photo of the movie night. We've always wondered what went on at the farm while we are away! Now we know. Quite the Hoosiers party! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry we didn't get to meet you. Safe travels,
Kevin and Frances Kiser, Royal Center, IN
the royal center of friendliness.
Mitch Storm wrote on June 30, 2019
Hope your trip goes well. You left a card and said you stopped to cool off
William Kerr wrote on June 22, 2019
Mark - I met Eric this morning and he was telling me of your awesome adventure... [your lunch time friends from June 20th] Trusting you have a safe ride and enjoy every minute while you are there. We have a friend - fireman who biked from BC back to here... had web cams front and back - front to see the moose in the way, back to see the bears chasing him ...LOL was what he told us. Best wishes
Eric and Amy wrote on June 20, 2019
It was great to meet you today! After meeting you today and hearing your story we decided that you are a very ambitious person since neither my wife and I have no desire to follow in your footsteps! All the best with your trip we will check in to see how you are doing. Great drone shot!
Michael Weinstein wrote on June 19, 2019
OK. Let me be the first to wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. Since you didn't state your destination in your first entry of this installment of the crisis, I won't say it here - I don't want to be the spoiler!

Travel safe and we will be watching for updates! No pressure!
Omar Jamal wrote on March 15, 2019
Hi Mark,
I usually go through your blog when I visit the warmshowers website which I hadn't done in some time. Its been quite some time since your trip to Miami. Good luck with your travels and the documentary.
Bonnie Schneider wrote on December 30, 2018
I still check your blog periodically, Happy New Year Mark.
Michael Weinstein wrote on December 4, 2018
Hi there...

For what it is worth, you can tag two more readers for your current blog traffic.

Betty and I are paying attention and looking foreward to whatever stories you can conjure up in BC!

Travel safe and have fun!

M & B.
Tara F wrote on July 7, 2017
Is it possible to take a bad picture in Africa? They're all amazing. Of course you're not exactly new at this either. ha ha I've honestly never had a notion to visit before but that may have changed. So gorgeous!
Mike wrote on July 19, 2016
Great to see you enjoying Scottish weather Mike. I remember motorcycling around Scotland for five days. It rained for four of them. Stood under a tree to get out of it for wee while. Locals said "Scottish summer," was June 28th! Enjoy the rest of your journey of British Isles.
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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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