February, 2013

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Day Twenty-Two (continued)

Well, it took about 18 days to get from Auckland to Queenstown. It took about two hours to get from Queenstown back to Auckland. The 18 day approach was more fun ;) Next stop, Los Angeles. (But first a two hour layover).

Day Twenty Two

Well, my remaining hours in New Zealand are fading fast. I’m 30 minutes away from boarding flight 1 of 3 today. Next stop, Auckland.

Day Twenty One

Well, for the first time in ten days I will not be sleeping in my tent which means the inevitable has arrived. My last night in New Zealand is here. I’m actually watching the sun disappear behind the mountains as I type this. Cue the “Going Home Blues” :( OtherRead More …

Day Twenty

Today was a little more eventful :)

Day Nineteen

Today has been by far the least eventful day of the trip. I returned the rental car to the airport first thing this morning at which point I once again found myself cycling away from an airport. It was a beautiful morning for a ride – although it was earlyRead More …

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