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I’m Officially A Drone Pilot

As days-for-a-flight-review go, this one was pretty much perfect. And that’s how I found myself at the K-W Flying Dutchmen’s field to get my Advanced Operations drone pilot certification. Hmmmm, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. Let’s back up a bit. Back in February (which now seemsRead More …

Don’t Judge Me

Yoder, IN to Wabash, IN

After yesterday’s long ride in the wind, I took a look at the weather forecast to see if there was any reprieve from the wind in my future. There wasn’t. At least, not today. As such, I decided to be a bit lazy and opted to make today a shortRead More …

Taking The Plunge

Not that this really needs to be said but I’ll say it anyway … No, I didn’t actually take the plunge. It’s not a big secret (or a little secret) that I’m not a fan of swimming on even the hottest of summer’s days so I’m certainly not going toRead More …

Just Another Gratuitous Drone Shot

Needing (a LOT) more practice, I decided to take the drone with me on my morning walk with the dog (aka. Jake). Still need to work on my flying skills but it’s fun practicing. And a bit scenic. House/dog sitting in Peachland has been an excellent idea so far! Anyway,Read More …

Here I Drone Again

Reamstown, PA to Harrisburg, PA

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