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I’m Officially A Drone Pilot

As days-for-a-flight-review go, this one was pretty much perfect. And that’s how I found myself at the K-W Flying Dutchmen’s field to get my Advanced Operations drone pilot certification. Hmmmm, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here. Let’s back up a bit. Back in February (which now seemsRead More …

So Happy Together

Regina, SK to Moose Jaw, SK

The sound of rain hitting the window in the morning can be a great sound. Okay, maybe not a great sound – the silence of the sun is golden. However, rain on the window is certainly a better sound than rain hitting the tent. And that’s how my morning began.Read More …

It Was a Dark and Rainy Morning

Bridgewater, NS to Shelburne, NS

My night hiding behind the “Road Closed” sign passed without incident. Other than rain. I’m not sure if it rained all night but it started around 11:00 and was raining whenever I wfoke up during the night and this morning. I was hoping to get an early start but decidedRead More …

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