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Scott wrote on August 9, 2014
I mean you could've ordered the fish cake and consumed it in front of the sign. (Waiting impatiently for them to update it of course.)
Tara wrote on August 6, 2014
Just catching up on your adventures. Watch out for those moose, I hear they can be mean! Wishing you wind at your back and safe travels.
Janet Robyn and Lisa's mom wrote on August 6, 2014
Hi Mark. I've resisted commenting but couldn't contain myself any longer. You are one entertaining and talented writer; who knew? Thanks so much for taking us all along on your life changing journey. Keep on rolling and stay safe (and nourished).
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 5, 2014
Your poem is great even though your arteries will take a break and I can't imagine having poutine on my favourite list! Congratulations on reaching Nfld and hope the weather is going to cooperate sometimes and you miss any now mentioned tropical storms. Your cousin just celebrated her birthday in Ottawa and she is keeping an eye on your blog and I enjoy your daily updates.
Brenda wrote on August 5, 2014
Hey Mark, loving the reading and I thought your song for Poutine was great, I actually sang it out loud!!! LOL Hope you're great and Big Congrats on reaching The Rock!!!
Julie-Ann wrote on August 3, 2014
Whew! Just did a whole lotta catch-up reading after a week away...I missed so much! Congrats on making it to NL. Just want to point out...remember when you said anything east of Ontario was sooo boring...and flat!? :)
Michael wrote on August 2, 2014
Congrats on making it to the rock! Good job!

I like your solution for the "button" for accessing the photo loop - easy to figure out with out you having to explain it each time! Carry on. We're all looking forward to the regular updates.
Harrison wrote on August 2, 2014
Congrats on making it to NFLD! I can't believe how far you've gone in what seems like a short time. Keep up the great job and excellent updates.
Michael wrote on August 2, 2014
Yes 0- we noticed that you were off-line for a while. We figured you were out of wifi or were busy playing with bears.

I see now that I have checked again, that you have posted copious amounts of texts and photos so I know what I will be doing as I eat my cereal tomorrow morning!

Keep up the good work!
Brad Scott wrote on July 28, 2014
St Anthony would be a heck of a detour but it's a cool spot (with a Tim Hortons). Great museum, hospital lobby art and a giant stuffed polar bear at city hall. And it would be a beautiful ride up and down the coast. Nearly forgot L'anse aux Meadows. Hope your weather holds.
Farwell and Ruby wrote on July 24, 2014
Just catching up on your adventures as we continue one of our own. We've got 1200km to cover today...but in an air-conditioned car. So, there's that. We've had a nice trip to St. Louis with a small detour through Iowa (and by small, I mean "Ruby small"....which, as you know, is not small at all). But it was well worth the detour to see a lot of music-related stuff that you would really not give a damn about. As you were. And keep on being an inspiration!
jacqueline wrote on July 24, 2014
Love the stories and adventures...keep them coming Mark.
Guillaume Brodeur wrote on July 21, 2014
So you cycled by the north shore... You're the craziest man I have seen since Rob Ford. I just came back from the Bas-du-Fleuve and it's look like a way more easier by the south shore for cyclo-tourism. But well, it seems that you survive in Charlevoix.

Respect et bonne chance pour le reste du voyage.

Your MTL host,

Betty wrote on July 21, 2014
Great pictures Mark. Good to see you've experienced many more good days than not-so-good. The girls are impressed with your passable French. Food tip for you: protein bars make a good meal substitute once in a while and don't take up much space.
Brad Scott wrote on July 21, 2014
Mike suggested on FB to check out your blog. Very cool adventure and looking forward to future posts. All the best!
Dave Smith wrote on July 18, 2014
Beautiful scenery Mark! Makes me want to travel the north shore - by car. Sounds like you've met some interesting people too. Carry on.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on July 11, 2014
You are your mother's son! almost anything else comes before food and we know who else loved fries but without poutine; she would also be thrilled about the highway & ditch crossing!!she is looking over you as well as your godmother! Now you are climbing hills and flying down the other side needing more nourishment.Keep safe & we will keep watching.
Tara wrote on July 10, 2014
Mark, I love your site. You've had some great adventures to be sure. I'm enjoying reading your entries and checking out the pictures.

To everyone else, Mark has always been bad about remembering to eat. During our college all-night editing sessions, I was the one bringing snacks. He was the focused one.

Have a safe trip!
Jacqueline Cervoni wrote on July 7, 2014
Hey Mark, you are a natural born writer....seriously you are damn good. I see your new future as a travel blogger and getting paid for jealous, not really, just super happy for you. Maybe you can have me as a guest writer on one of your crisis happy you're doing this. You rock the big one friend.
janis wrote on July 7, 2014
Hey Mark, sounds like a great trip so far, ups and downs and all! I look forward to reading your next adventure.
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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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