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Michael wrote on July 1, 2015
Happy Canada Day from a distance. But at least you are still in Canada to celebrate it!

Travel safe. You are making good progress - not that it is a race in any way! Enjoy the prairies and the wind - the Rockies await! But they block the wind don't they?

Cheers to you!
Mark wrote on July 1, 2015
Push myself too hard? ME?? Never! Seriously though, it was really smokey in Regina yesterday.
Tara F wrote on June 30, 2015
Hi Mark, I'm enjoying your latest adventures. I'm sure you're following the news, but you're headed into an area where Environment Canada has issued air quality advisories due to the forest fires. Please take care and don't push yourself too hard!
Aunt Marilyn wrote on June 15, 2015
Hi Mark; Thought I would let you know that your godmother is keeping watch over you and enjoying your blog as much this year as last. By the way, the picture of the poutine and the one slice of pizza across the table; the balance doesn't look quite the same!! But we all know how much you like poutine. Great pics and ride safe. Aunt Marilyn
Michael wrote on June 10, 2015
Well Done! 150km into the wind. As you said, good training for the prairies! Keep goin'!
Michael wrote on June 2, 2015
I figured that I should get a historical entry into the blog on the occasion of the first post of the current crissis.

Travel safe and enjoy the views!
Ruby wrote on June 2, 2015
Are you in British Colombia yet?
Dan wrote on April 15, 2015
Mark, I haven't seen this blatant promo for Subway since Happy Gilmore. If they don't sponsor you, they should be ashamed.
Mark wrote on March 14, 2015
Happy news?? You realize that I will take that to mean you won the lottery and would like to fund the next stage of my Crisis, right? Yeah, I know. Get used to disappointment. (movie quote)
Michael wrote on March 13, 2015
Interesting. Looking at your legs during the shovelling video reminded me of a tabletop hockey game with the players never really "skated" but rather "slid" up and down the ice.

Keep warm! We'll soon have news that will make you happy!
Michael wrote on February 12, 2015
Hey there - nice updates and great photos. Hope to see some from the sky but I expect you need both hands for flying! Keep us up to date as time permits!
Marc-André Gervais wrote on February 10, 2015
Hi Mark,
We met in the middle of NL. I was quite impress by your experience. I see that you have done a long road since we met and I just wanted to let you know that I have had a little thought for you. Hope everything is going fine on your side. Enjoy and take care! MA
jacqueline wrote on January 28, 2015
Hey drop me a line, would love to connect. Hope all is well.
Shawshank Redemption wrote on January 5, 2015
ROTFL at the 'trim' video. Man you need a plan.
Mark wrote on December 20, 2014
Hi Ken. Nice to hear from you and thanks for signing the Guestbook! As for writing a book ... maybe that should be the next phase of my Midlife Crisis!
Ken Alsop wrote on December 17, 2014
I think I got through? Good to have you back safe and sound. I haven't caught up to all of your trip but I will keep reading when I can. Sounds like the cruise was a nice ending. Are you going to write a book on all your trips? Merry Christmas and Happy New. Ken
Joanne wrote on December 8, 2014
Mark wrote on December 8, 2014
I will do my best to ensure an endless supply of both Bud Light Lime and pizza - but the latter will only be served after midnight!
Joanne wrote on December 8, 2014
Great site! As a guest, will you be serving me Bud Light Lime and pizza?
Mark wrote on November 25, 2014
I'd have to share them?? Florida sunshine vs shortbread. Life is full of hard decisions.
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  1. Robyn says:

    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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