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Julia wrote on June 11, 2023
Glad to see the blog is up and running! Love the video!
Bonnie Schneider wrote on April 3, 2020
Hi Mark, Love your video, thought you should know I do check up on your page every once in awhile to see what you are up to.
Admin Reply by: Mark
Thanks Bonnie. Glad you enjoyed the video. And glad you still check in now and then. Hope all is well with you in these crazy days.
Michael Gale wrote on September 23, 2019
Mark, this may be a very random question but do you recall where in Pawtucket (MA) you took the picture of the Pawtucket sign that mentions the twinned town Belper in Derbyshire. It's in your write up from September 2014 titled "THERE ONCE WAS A MAN IN PAWTUCKET". I was born in Belper and I am in the Boston area and wanted to also take a snap of the sign. Thanks in advance if you remember.
Admin Reply by: Mark
Hi Michael. I DO remember that sign. I'll send you an e-mail with more details. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Mark wrote on August 10, 2019
Thanks for all the comments. Thanks Jodi for the cookie info. Thanks Janis for enjoying what I've been writing. Thanks Aunt Marilyn for following my ups and downs. Thanks Mary for watching my Enchanted Highway video. And thanks Dad for thinking of me. As for my India plans ... all I know is I'll be there for a couple of weeks. I'll find out the rest as it happens. Oh, and yes I saw Cass' comment. And thanks for all the other comments - I read and appreciate them all.
Doug Cassidy wrote on August 9, 2019
We are sitting here having a brew... your Dad , Ev and Doug and Dutch and Donna
Thinking of you daily and hope all is well
Did you get Cass message::
What are your India plans and when are you going and for how long
Mary wrote on August 5, 2019
Hi Mark! We ran across your video of the Enchanted Highway when North Dakota Tourism shared it on Twitter. It's fantastic! The drone is working out beautifully! We're sharing it, too, on Beautiful Badlands ND social media. Sure enjoy the documentation of your journey, and glad you got a glimpse of our state! Best of luck to you in your continued travels, Mary of
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 1, 2019
Hi Mark; Have been following you all the way & your climb & descent sounded exciting. Always enjoy keeping up with you.
Janis wrote on July 28, 2019
Hi Mark!
I enjoyed reading your entry and I hope you get some crunchy peanut butter soon:).
JODI KOSARY wrote on July 28, 2019
Hi Mark.. I'm catching up with your blog and saw a couple weeks ago you stopped at Dollar Tree to look for those cookies. They are called Biscoff cookies and you'll probably have to ask.. They are not kept with the other cookies there. They are at the end of an aisle. At least at the store in our town.
Patrick and Roo wrote on July 18, 2019
We met you at the big grasshopper on the Enchanted Highway! It’s so cool that you are biking all that way! Stay safe and good luck on the rest of your travels!!!!
Kevin Kiser wrote on July 1, 2019
Thanks for the video of your great basketball skills! and for the photo of the movie night. We've always wondered what went on at the farm while we are away! Now we know. Quite the Hoosiers party! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sorry we didn't get to meet you. Safe travels,
Kevin and Frances Kiser, Royal Center, IN
the royal center of friendliness.
Mitch Storm wrote on June 30, 2019
Hope your trip goes well. You left a card and said you stopped to cool off
William Kerr wrote on June 22, 2019
Mark - I met Eric this morning and he was telling me of your awesome adventure... [your lunch time friends from June 20th] Trusting you have a safe ride and enjoy every minute while you are there. We have a friend - fireman who biked from BC back to here... had web cams front and back - front to see the moose in the way, back to see the bears chasing him ...LOL was what he told us. Best wishes
Eric and Amy wrote on June 20, 2019
It was great to meet you today! After meeting you today and hearing your story we decided that you are a very ambitious person since neither my wife and I have no desire to follow in your footsteps! All the best with your trip we will check in to see how you are doing. Great drone shot!
Michael Weinstein wrote on June 19, 2019
OK. Let me be the first to wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. Since you didn't state your destination in your first entry of this installment of the crisis, I won't say it here - I don't want to be the spoiler!

Travel safe and we will be watching for updates! No pressure!
Omar Jamal wrote on March 15, 2019
Hi Mark,
I usually go through your blog when I visit the warmshowers website which I hadn't done in some time. Its been quite some time since your trip to Miami. Good luck with your travels and the documentary.
Bonnie Schneider wrote on December 30, 2018
I still check your blog periodically, Happy New Year Mark.
Michael Weinstein wrote on December 4, 2018
Hi there...

For what it is worth, you can tag two more readers for your current blog traffic.

Betty and I are paying attention and looking foreward to whatever stories you can conjure up in BC!

Travel safe and have fun!

M & B.
Tara F wrote on July 7, 2017
Is it possible to take a bad picture in Africa? They're all amazing. Of course you're not exactly new at this either. ha ha I've honestly never had a notion to visit before but that may have changed. So gorgeous!
Mike wrote on July 19, 2016
Great to see you enjoying Scottish weather Mike. I remember motorcycling around Scotland for five days. It rained for four of them. Stood under a tree to get out of it for wee while. Locals said "Scottish summer," was June 28th! Enjoy the rest of your journey of British Isles.
Michael wrote on June 8, 2016
Let me be the first (if I'm luck) person to submit the inaugural guestbook entry on the new leg. We wish you well and safe travels! Enjoy the new sleeping bag - good to see that at least one company recognizes the value of what you are doing and the bit of marketing potential it has! All the best! We'll be reading!
Gabriela wrote on February 25, 2016
Glad to know you're back in Florida! Will you be coming through Bell or Gainesville (Betsy's town) again, do you think?? We'd love to see you!!!
Tony Mercado wrote on January 31, 2016
Hey Mark this Tony from Quest Air, I'll be checking your site to read about this great adventures. I hope your doing OK.
Robyn wrote on January 29, 2016
Hi Mark. I'm looking forward to following your latest adventures.
Sherlock wrote on December 10, 2015
Obvious. Your bike knew it was the last ride of this adventure. At least it didn't pull a Blue's Brothers car demise...
So Jealous wrote on December 9, 2015
YOU SO ROCK! CONGRATS!! Utterly amazing feat, my friend. Very, very proud of all you've accomplished. Put those feet up for a while! (In those shorts... LOL)
Aunt Marilyn wrote on December 9, 2015
It was a pleasure to follow all your journey and to have you finish at our southern home. Congratulations on your accomplishments and we look forward to your return sometime soon.
Tracy wrote on December 8, 2015
Here's to a vanquished toothache! Sure enough was a grand visit with you here in Bell; know you are welcome your next time around.
Adrian Verwegen wrote on December 8, 2015
Followed your blog for 13,000 kms, from Ontario to Schalamar. I've been in Schalamar for 11 winters. My trip down is usually only 2000 kms...!!!!!
Congratulations on your EPIC, journey..!!!
Gabriela wrote on December 7, 2015

maybe it's a Canadian thing? ,-)
Susan Straley wrote on December 7, 2015
Great to have you visit. Let me know where to send that picture of you on George's trike.

May your travels continue to satisfy your soul.
Gabriela wrote on December 6, 2015
Mark - so glad you decided to stop in Bell with us! I saw your hang gliding videos. Very cool! I think Tracy would definitely love to try it. Me, ummm maybe? I hope the road continues to be kind to you & God Bless! ,-)
Robyn wrote on December 2, 2015
Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.
cass wrote on November 28, 2015
Pick up a new camera and a good set of teeth and you should make it to Fla. If that's not possible grab a hot chick at one of your next stops and head back to Waterloo County and we can have a homecoming party. I am sure all your friends back here will be OK with that. Take care and HAPPY motoring..
Brad wrote on November 22, 2015
Hey Mark...I may have a place for you to stay in Mobile, Alabama. Check your email. Brad
cass wrote on November 20, 2015
If u keep cool u will never sweat but I have not been able to find a solution to keeping the rain out.Now that the Subway maverick has been given 15years u may have a hard sell to get their sponsorship.Taking your Dad to Niagara on your money problems may be over.Take care and HAPPY BIKING.
Marleah Stout wrote on November 4, 2015
Can't wait to see you, Mark. Cuba will be a blast!
Aunt Marilyn wrote on October 31, 2015
We are settled back in Schalamar in Florida and hope to see you sometime in the near future. Hope you don't get into all those storms and rains in southern Texas.
Aunt Marilyn
cass wrote on October 30, 2015
Try camping at the local fire station and tell them you have permission from the boys back home to request a free night.Take care and watch out for wild horses and giant spiders.Heading to the Ranger game tonight as they are undefeated so far this year.Saurkraut is brewing and bagging day is Dec.7.Talk to you soon.
Doug Cassidy wrote on October 28, 2015
Hope all is going well and you have clear sailing the rest of the way. I just finished being with all the boys and your Dad making saurkraut and all went great.I was talking to your buddy who is the new voice of the Rangers and he wonders how you do all that crazy biking across Canada and the States.Stay cool and you will never sweat and see you when you get back.
Doug Cassidy
Geoff Mc Kenzie wrote on October 24, 2015
Hi Mark, I am Geoff from Balboa Island. I have read where you are looking forward to Hurricane Patricia !
I have donated to your Subway addiction with no strings attached. BUT......If you happen to pass a Ford dealer in the middle of nowhere and need a rest, pop in and ask if they have a F4TZ 3600B. It is a steering wheel for my newly restored F150 truck. When you call dealers here and ask them they tell you there is not one in the country, anywhere ! Maybe there is one on a shelf somewhere.
Have a continued safe ride....Following your progress regularly.

Anne Drummond wrote on October 9, 2015
Hi Mark, Anne of the Tiny House here,I am following your blog with delight and am glad you are continuing eastwards cos that means more vicarious fun for me. Our trip to Switzerland was amazing, Switzerland is a cyclists heaven. I wrote a journal on Crazyguy so if you need any enticement to cycle in Switzerland have a look at the journal "Clean, green and hilly".
Anyway all the very best on your travels and thanks for a wonderful blog.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on October 2, 2015
We have enjoyed all your stories and pics of your trip down the Pacific coast and you are now heading for Fl and so are we in 3 weeks. We will be in Schalamar by Oct. 25 and we look forward to seeing you, once again, sometime in Nov. Aunt Marilyn
John Crewson wrote on September 2, 2015
Hi Mark, I was told about your site from your brother Steve. I was cycling in Norfolk County, where your brother lives and heard about your travels, had to visit your site to find out more about this adventurist guy! Congrats, you are certainly living the cycling dream. Stay well and keep the excitement going!
Slogging back in ON wrote on August 31, 2015
Well, holy moly! Bravo, my friend!! We're back from the UK and I definitely think you need to add that to your challenges. After driving THOSE nutty roads and blowing a tire and all, I can say that YOU are living luxury :)

I've got so much to catch up on... so will fit in some reading this week. Bravo also on what appears to continue to be an epic adventure! No really - YOU are the king of the kick-ass cycle club! (Now if only we could get those sponsors to see that, huh?) LOL Keep at it. Safe pedaling!
Michael wrote on August 25, 2015
Hi Natasha, I've been following this blog since it started last year.

Since you are a Subway store owner, have you browsed through a few pages of this blog? I've lost track but there must have been 30 or 40 subway store photos. This is such an awesome opportunity for Subway to get some good mileage (no pun intended) from a feel good story.

Maybe you can share the link and Subway exposure with your head office! I'd hate know how much this guy has spent on Subway food. 2 or 3 subs a day - and all of his trip to Newfoundland and down to the keys last year too!
Mark wrote on August 24, 2015
Hi Natasha. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've sent the photos to you via e-mail. Let me know if you received them.
natasha wrote on August 24, 2015
Made ur subs from subway in Kamloops! Seen u took photos of my store before and after. Did u still have any of them! :-)
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 16, 2015
Hi Mark; Congratulations on getting to Vancouver. Your trip has truly been remarkable again this year and always enjoyable to read and watch your progress. Good luck on the next stage. Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Jack
stan wrote on August 13, 2015
Hi Mark,

Met you briefly at the Princeton visitor centre as you were leaving. Could not believe the load you were carrying (hope it's not all your midlife baggage ;)

We were off to get fruit in Keremeos and saw you again as we passed going through Manning Park, I was impressed with your time and distance considering the hills and construction! If you go through Hope and need a meal or shower drop me a line. Bon voyage et bon courage.
Alex Trebek wrote on August 13, 2015
Ooh, sorry. You didn't phrase your answer in the form of a question. And I'll have to consult the judges. Jannine has provided an alternate answer in the comment section of that update.
Michael wrote on August 13, 2015
Jennifer, Jill, and Devon would be our second cousins. Their mothers are our cousins so that make the children of our cousins, second cousins. That was an easy one Alex. Carry on!
Mark wrote on August 6, 2015
Thanks very much Scott! I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Robyn wrote on August 5, 2015
Congrats on making it all the way to BC! Your photos are stunning.
Scott from Oakland wrote on August 4, 2015
My kids got a kick out of the shout out on your blog. Hope all is well. You have a place in the East Bay, if needed. Safe travels.
Scott, from Oakland wrote on August 3, 2015
Let me know if you need a place to sleep and shower in the Bay Area.
Michael wrote on July 19, 2015
Glad you got a chance to check out COP. The pictures brought back memories from my time there in 88. The only attraction you didn't mention was "Eddie the Eagle" - unless he has been casually erased from everyone's memories.
Rob and Judy Szucs wrote on July 17, 2015
Hi Mark,

We are really enjoying your blog. It was kind of you to mention meeting us. I hope your trip through the mountains is as nice as ours was.
Kim wrote on July 16, 2015
I can LOL at your crazy long pedalling and braving the odds of weather and roads during the day... but not having a semi-flimsy roof over your head at night just gives me pause... so good luck at MEC :)
Melanie W wrote on July 11, 2015
Hi Uncle Mark, thank you for including those pictures of the horses, they were very nice shots! I'm sure if Janet was able to read your blog, she would have appreciated them too but there is no wifi at camp! Speaking of horses, have you thought at all about going to the Stampede while you're in Calgary? It is probably against some law to be in Calgary during Stampede time and NOT GO! Safe travels!
Michael wrote on July 1, 2015
Happy Canada Day from a distance. But at least you are still in Canada to celebrate it!

Travel safe. You are making good progress - not that it is a race in any way! Enjoy the prairies and the wind - the Rockies await! But they block the wind don't they?

Cheers to you!
Mark wrote on July 1, 2015
Push myself too hard? ME?? Never! Seriously though, it was really smokey in Regina yesterday.
Tara F wrote on June 30, 2015
Hi Mark, I'm enjoying your latest adventures. I'm sure you're following the news, but you're headed into an area where Environment Canada has issued air quality advisories due to the forest fires. Please take care and don't push yourself too hard!
Aunt Marilyn wrote on June 15, 2015
Hi Mark; Thought I would let you know that your godmother is keeping watch over you and enjoying your blog as much this year as last. By the way, the picture of the poutine and the one slice of pizza across the table; the balance doesn't look quite the same!! But we all know how much you like poutine. Great pics and ride safe. Aunt Marilyn
Michael wrote on June 10, 2015
Well Done! 150km into the wind. As you said, good training for the prairies! Keep goin'!
Michael wrote on June 2, 2015
I figured that I should get a historical entry into the blog on the occasion of the first post of the current crissis.

Travel safe and enjoy the views!
Ruby wrote on June 2, 2015
Are you in British Colombia yet?
Dan wrote on April 15, 2015
Mark, I haven't seen this blatant promo for Subway since Happy Gilmore. If they don't sponsor you, they should be ashamed.
Mark wrote on March 14, 2015
Happy news?? You realize that I will take that to mean you won the lottery and would like to fund the next stage of my Crisis, right? Yeah, I know. Get used to disappointment. (movie quote)
Michael wrote on March 13, 2015
Interesting. Looking at your legs during the shovelling video reminded me of a tabletop hockey game with the players never really "skated" but rather "slid" up and down the ice.

Keep warm! We'll soon have news that will make you happy!
Michael wrote on February 12, 2015
Hey there - nice updates and great photos. Hope to see some from the sky but I expect you need both hands for flying! Keep us up to date as time permits!
Marc-André Gervais wrote on February 10, 2015
Hi Mark,
We met in the middle of NL. I was quite impress by your experience. I see that you have done a long road since we met and I just wanted to let you know that I have had a little thought for you. Hope everything is going fine on your side. Enjoy and take care! MA
jacqueline wrote on January 28, 2015
Hey drop me a line, would love to connect. Hope all is well.
Shawshank Redemption wrote on January 5, 2015
ROTFL at the 'trim' video. Man you need a plan.
Mark wrote on December 20, 2014
Hi Ken. Nice to hear from you and thanks for signing the Guestbook! As for writing a book ... maybe that should be the next phase of my Midlife Crisis!
Ken Alsop wrote on December 17, 2014
I think I got through? Good to have you back safe and sound. I haven't caught up to all of your trip but I will keep reading when I can. Sounds like the cruise was a nice ending. Are you going to write a book on all your trips? Merry Christmas and Happy New. Ken
Joanne wrote on December 8, 2014
Mark wrote on December 8, 2014
I will do my best to ensure an endless supply of both Bud Light Lime and pizza - but the latter will only be served after midnight!
Joanne wrote on December 8, 2014
Great site! As a guest, will you be serving me Bud Light Lime and pizza?
Mark wrote on November 25, 2014
I'd have to share them?? Florida sunshine vs shortbread. Life is full of hard decisions.
Aunt Susan wrote on November 25, 2014
One month to shortbread...will you be here to share them??????
Ray Welch wrote on November 23, 2014
I've ridden some of the same roads including the roads Miami to Key West. The Seven Mile Bridge is not a pleasant ride.
Michael wrote on November 23, 2014
I found the photo of the crocodile crossing sign beside the road interesting. I wonder if there is a similar caution sign for the crocodiles warning that crossing crocodiles may encounter an obstruction halfway across the road. Last time I saw a crocodile, it didn't look suited for doing hurdles!

Keep up the good work!
Janis wrote on November 17, 2014
Hey Mark! Hope your travells are going well. I love the Gulf of Mexico picture!. Have a great day.
michael wrote on November 9, 2014
Streaming works great (for me anyway!) Two Thumbs UP.

Nice flight!
Laura Collins wrote on November 8, 2014
Thanks for introducing us to Quest Air! That was so much less scary then anticipated and so much more enjoyable then imagined! Enjoy the skies!
Eneko wrote on November 3, 2014
Hey Mark just caught up on your blog, glad you visited the hostel in the forest! I am currently in sneads ferry nc with a couple who you actually stayed with, ray and Melinda baker. Wish you the best on your travels stay safe.
Film Addict wrote on October 30, 2014
Eternal Sunshine!!!

(insert derogatory name calling here... you double entendre menace... I hope you don't get HEAT STROKE)
Pumpkin Carver wrote on October 28, 2014
Today: frost on windshield, rain at end of day
Tomorrow: more leaves on the ground, windy, chilly
Friday: why not some snow for Halloween?

Florida... phaah.
gary cross wrote on October 24, 2014

Met you at the subway in Darien, Ga around noon today..after talking with you I was trying to decide what I was feeling and it finally occurred to me that "envious" would be a good description.

Good luck in your travels, I will read your story this evening when I have more time. Tell the folks at the Hostel I said hello. You will have traveled south of Darien through the now marshland but in the late 1700's these were rice and cotton plantations. Rice was grown through a series of dikes and levies created to allow rice farming and the plantations were worked by slaves. Later this area was known for timbering, pine and live oak were shipped all over the world in the 1800's.

As I mentioned, I live just a mile or so from the Hostel so maybe we will meet again. Once again, good luck and safe journey.

Gary Cross
805 Ratcliff Rd.
Brunswick, Ga. 31523
Ted Petrowski wrote on October 19, 2014
Hi Mark,

I was the cyclist you met at the convenience store in Supply, NC yesterday (Saturday 10/18). Love your blog, and very jealous about your trip! Good luck in your journey!
The other Foresightian wrote on October 3, 2014
6,000km... can I have a big

Amazing feat, my friend.
Betty wrote on October 3, 2014
Yes, it does look alot like a dog. You must be missing Tsunami quite a bit! I also noticed the interesting mailbox in the Dr. Jack Road sign picture. Nice landscape shots of Maryland.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on October 2, 2014
Now that you are back on the road aiming for the area we winter in you certainly will see lots of hills in PA and wait until you get to the mountains of VA! We know these hills well and the senery is spectacular, especially at this time of year. Those little fury friends know what their doing! Hope we might see you at the end of the month.
Tara F wrote on September 29, 2014
Of course bragging rights will suffice. I remember watching Big with you and our college friends. Chopsticks on the floor keyboard! Also, will you be stopping for OJ at the Florida border? lol
Nanc wrote on September 27, 2014
Trivia question answer: I'm going with BIG. And the thingy is white M with blue background. We're still enjoying all the posts. Stay safe :)
jacqueline wrote on September 24, 2014
Hey Mark, just checking to see how you are doing, apparently you're doing A-okay. You have truly become a street peddler. Nice one. Check in again soon. Stay safe and I am not going to say have fun, because you are.
Janis wrote on September 24, 2014
Hello Mark! I hope you are having a great trip. You have had a lot of adventures so far. Keep hydrated.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on September 6, 2014
Wonderful surprise for your Dad and even better that it happened at Cheers. We have been there and a great place to see. Enjoy your time with your family; the hurricane season is June to Oct so you are in the middle of it so stay safe.
Nanc wrote on September 6, 2014
I can't believe you were at that game tonight! There was some good old ball playing. And old fashion game in an old fashion place.
Dads secretary wrote on September 1, 2014
Hi Mark... I've had my secretary submit this post.
I am enjoying reading all of your postings. I am accessing it from Stan's computer. Have fun and travel safe.

MJW for Dad.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 31, 2014
So glad to know you have recovered and are enjoying the beautiful NS scenery that I know so well and I do recognize all the pics you have taken. Your Lawrencetown beach pics are probably not far from a cousin of mine. Slow down and take time to enjoy the magnificent scenery along the coastline as you travel to Yarmouth (eg.Peggy's Cove, Queensland beach, Chester,Mahone Bay, Lunenberg, etc).Keep healthy, nourished and hydrated; your godmother is keeping close watch!!
Sherlock wrote on August 29, 2014
Clearly, this corpse on the side of the road was not struck by a car, gored by a bear, impaled by a moose, or sideswiped by a lorry, as everyone else has assumed! His cranium shows the tell-tale signs of brain-freeze from excessive oxygen intake, despite the attempt to conserve heat with the overgrowth of extreme facial hair. The imploded irises are a result of visual blurring of incessant asphalt grey. The lack of sustenance is evidenced by the skid marks on his calves, where the exposed flesh shows only emaciated veins and strained musculature. Therefore, I deduce that this withered fellow clearly forgot that one is supposed to STOP AND ENJOY oneself when on a sojourn of great distance and not make each day a person endurance test, the likes of which would make Olympians moan. Obvious, isn’t it?
Nanc wrote on August 29, 2014
When in Halifax you need to head to pizza corner and don't forget the Donair sauce! Oh and don't miss the MEC. One of my favourite places is the view of the city/harbour from the top of Citadel Hill at night. You can set your watch to the noon day gun. It makes me jump every time. Enjoy!
NancLynnAlison wrote on August 27, 2014
It's mustard! They rotate it with the potatoes to kill Wireworm which is bad for the potatoes. That's right from the islanders mouth! They talk about it all the time. It makes Alison's life rough. By the way ... she makes fries for a living! Too bad mustard doesn't go on fries :)
Kim wrote on August 21, 2014
Doubts? None.

Expectations? A few.

LOLs? Lots.

Congrats? Bloody right. WELL DONE YOU!!!!

Holy crap, Mark. My sis and I have been following along and are astounded, not only by your cojones, but by the shear dumb luck you seem to carry around!!!
(oh.. ok… perhaps a little skill, too :)

Bravo, my friend. You amaze me.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 21, 2014
Congratulations on getting to St. John's and enjoying the local traditions. Now that you have decided to travel to my birthplace I know you will enjoy Halifax.
Robyn wrote on August 20, 2014
Congrats on making it to St. John's. I think you should get screeched in and kiss a cod. I'm waiting for some photos of your hosts to be posted (if they're willing).
Ed Hummel wrote on August 18, 2014
Fantastic. You have finished a great adventure. I too love cycling but have never achieved such a feat but do understand the trials and great joy it brings.
Tara F wrote on August 18, 2014
Ruby wrote on August 18, 2014
Congratulations - that's truly amazeballs! (Not a word you say? look it up in the Oxford dictionary)
Scott wrote on August 18, 2014
Some would say "brave", others... "loco" (e.g. Spaniards) but either way.... well done Mark!
Michael wrote on August 17, 2014
Nothing more to say than "Congratulations Brother - well done!"
Bonnie Schneider wrote on August 17, 2014
Hey Mark, I've been checking on your blog every few days, very entertaining, and energenic. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
Betty wrote on August 16, 2014
By the time you read this, you will have made it to 'Fixed', sitting with a well-deserved beverage. Congratulations Mark - we're proud of you! What a journey. Enjoy the sights of St. John's. If you feel like doing any side trips while you are there I found a uniquely-named village called Bacon Cove you might want to check out. Population 124. Maybe they serve bacon with their fish entrees!
jacqueline wrote on August 16, 2014
Hey Mark, great reading about your adventure. Not many people would have the guts to do what you're doing. I remember hiking GM - the view from the top was so beautiful. Will check in again soon.
Jan wrote on August 15, 2014
Hi Mark, I have been talking to Robyn and see you are getting close to St.John's. Great poutine here too at Smokes Poutinerie. Contact us if you want a free place to stay and a St. John's poutine experience.
Robyn wrote on August 15, 2014
There is a restaurant in Montreal that has all you can eat poutine for $15 on Tuesdays: They've just announced that a location is opening in Toronto: It doesn't help you now, but maybe one day you'll be back in Montreal or Toronto.
Lisa wrote on August 15, 2014
Hi Mark! Congratulations on how far you have biked. I am really enjoying your blog. I know you are missing poutine. I saw a commercial for Lays Bacon Poutine potato chips and thought you might like them. I know it isn't the real thing, but they might do the trick until you can reunite with poutine. If not, I hope cupcakes magically appear on the rest of your journey. Have fun! :)
Michael wrote on August 13, 2014
Why is it that when I log onto the blog and wait for it to load, I look to the top right corner for the distance update, I hear Richard Dawson's voice.... "Survey says...!"

Keep on going. The goal is in sight - maybe not with the remaining hills, in in sight - literally!
Scott wrote on August 9, 2014
I mean you could've ordered the fish cake and consumed it in front of the sign. (Waiting impatiently for them to update it of course.)
Tara wrote on August 6, 2014
Just catching up on your adventures. Watch out for those moose, I hear they can be mean! Wishing you wind at your back and safe travels.
Janet Robyn and Lisa's mom wrote on August 6, 2014
Hi Mark. I've resisted commenting but couldn't contain myself any longer. You are one entertaining and talented writer; who knew? Thanks so much for taking us all along on your life changing journey. Keep on rolling and stay safe (and nourished).
Aunt Marilyn wrote on August 5, 2014
Your poem is great even though your arteries will take a break and I can't imagine having poutine on my favourite list! Congratulations on reaching Nfld and hope the weather is going to cooperate sometimes and you miss any now mentioned tropical storms. Your cousin just celebrated her birthday in Ottawa and she is keeping an eye on your blog and I enjoy your daily updates.
Brenda wrote on August 5, 2014
Hey Mark, loving the reading and I thought your song for Poutine was great, I actually sang it out loud!!! LOL Hope you're great and Big Congrats on reaching The Rock!!!
Julie-Ann wrote on August 3, 2014
Whew! Just did a whole lotta catch-up reading after a week away...I missed so much! Congrats on making it to NL. Just want to point out...remember when you said anything east of Ontario was sooo boring...and flat!? :)
Michael wrote on August 2, 2014
Congrats on making it to the rock! Good job!

I like your solution for the "button" for accessing the photo loop - easy to figure out with out you having to explain it each time! Carry on. We're all looking forward to the regular updates.
Harrison wrote on August 2, 2014
Congrats on making it to NFLD! I can't believe how far you've gone in what seems like a short time. Keep up the great job and excellent updates.
Michael wrote on August 2, 2014
Yes 0- we noticed that you were off-line for a while. We figured you were out of wifi or were busy playing with bears.

I see now that I have checked again, that you have posted copious amounts of texts and photos so I know what I will be doing as I eat my cereal tomorrow morning!

Keep up the good work!
Brad Scott wrote on July 28, 2014
St Anthony would be a heck of a detour but it's a cool spot (with a Tim Hortons). Great museum, hospital lobby art and a giant stuffed polar bear at city hall. And it would be a beautiful ride up and down the coast. Nearly forgot L'anse aux Meadows. Hope your weather holds.
Farwell and Ruby wrote on July 24, 2014
Just catching up on your adventures as we continue one of our own. We've got 1200km to cover today...but in an air-conditioned car. So, there's that. We've had a nice trip to St. Louis with a small detour through Iowa (and by small, I mean "Ruby small"....which, as you know, is not small at all). But it was well worth the detour to see a lot of music-related stuff that you would really not give a damn about. As you were. And keep on being an inspiration!
jacqueline wrote on July 24, 2014
Love the stories and adventures...keep them coming Mark.
Guillaume Brodeur wrote on July 21, 2014
So you cycled by the north shore... You're the craziest man I have seen since Rob Ford. I just came back from the Bas-du-Fleuve and it's look like a way more easier by the south shore for cyclo-tourism. But well, it seems that you survive in Charlevoix.

Respect et bonne chance pour le reste du voyage.

Your MTL host,

Betty wrote on July 21, 2014
Great pictures Mark. Good to see you've experienced many more good days than not-so-good. The girls are impressed with your passable French. Food tip for you: protein bars make a good meal substitute once in a while and don't take up much space.
Brad Scott wrote on July 21, 2014
Mike suggested on FB to check out your blog. Very cool adventure and looking forward to future posts. All the best!
Dave Smith wrote on July 18, 2014
Beautiful scenery Mark! Makes me want to travel the north shore - by car. Sounds like you've met some interesting people too. Carry on.
Aunt Marilyn wrote on July 11, 2014
You are your mother's son! almost anything else comes before food and we know who else loved fries but without poutine; she would also be thrilled about the highway & ditch crossing!!she is looking over you as well as your godmother! Now you are climbing hills and flying down the other side needing more nourishment.Keep safe & we will keep watching.
Tara wrote on July 10, 2014
Mark, I love your site. You've had some great adventures to be sure. I'm enjoying reading your entries and checking out the pictures.

To everyone else, Mark has always been bad about remembering to eat. During our college all-night editing sessions, I was the one bringing snacks. He was the focused one.

Have a safe trip!
Jacqueline Cervoni wrote on July 7, 2014
Hey Mark, you are a natural born writer....seriously you are damn good. I see your new future as a travel blogger and getting paid for jealous, not really, just super happy for you. Maybe you can have me as a guest writer on one of your crisis happy you're doing this. You rock the big one friend.
janis wrote on July 7, 2014
Hey Mark, sounds like a great trip so far, ups and downs and all! I look forward to reading your next adventure.
Robyn wrote on July 2, 2014
Hi Mark. I love your blog. Happy belated Canada Day. I hope you had fun in Ottawa. Congrats on how far you've made it thus far. I look forward to following your adventure to St. John's.
Julie-Ann wrote on July 2, 2014
Pretty sure I will NEVER be able to say I biked to Ottawa for Canada Day...nicely done cous!! Looking forward to keeping up with the rest of your trip :)
Aunt Marilyn wrote on July 1, 2014
Happy Canada Day; Love reading your daily logs!
Avoided the tornado.
Ruby wrote on July 1, 2014
Congrats on making it to Ottawa for Canada Day! Enjoy the down time
Harrison wrote on July 1, 2014
Happy Canada Day!! Enjoy the festivities in Ottawa.
Farwell wrote on June 30, 2014
I can't believe I know the guy making this epic journey. I mean, he used to be so NORMAL! Ok, so I'm jealous. Whatever. I can't wait until I'm middle-aged and I can have a crisis of my own.
Kenneth wrote on June 30, 2014
That description of the Waterfront Trail certainly makes me want to go on a tour to Kingston (I think that's where it ends...) but I have to say that the campsite cost dampens my enthusiasm somewhat.

Sounds like you're having a great trip so far. Looking forward to reading more.

Oh, I tried leaving this message as a comment on the relevant post, but (and maybe I'm an idiot here...) it requires registration and I can't seem to find a way to register.
Lisa wrote on June 30, 2014
Hey Mark
I'm enjoying reading about your biking adventure and I like the pictures. I'll keep reading. Have fun!!!!! Enjoy the ice cream along the way. Sounds like you are. :)
Michael wrote on June 28, 2014
All the best. Sorry I didn't get to chat before you took off! Keep up the writing - I enjoy your writing style.

Travel safe Bro!
Kim wrote on June 27, 2014
Well. Have I started to miss you yet? (She rolls her eyes as she's wondering how you sat in this most uncomfortable editing chair for 10 years....) YES. It hasn't totally hit home... I'll wait til final cut decides it doesn't want to edit one day and THEN I'll curse you. But for now, I'm so jealous and happy and hopeful for all the adventures you are about to encounter. I think you may have pulled out of dodge early this am. Fair winds. Clear skies. My hope is for smooth sailing. On wheels. Against pavement. Without aid of billowing canvas. Hey! There's something to invent while your brain is wandering... para-biking! :) Best travels, my dear friend. K
Lindsay wrote on June 19, 2014
Great internet site! It looks really good! Sustain the great job!
Orville wrote on May 18, 2014
Amazing web site you have got going here.
Maribel wrote on May 18, 2014
Wow, stunning site. Thnx ...
Janis H wrote on April 24, 2014
Hello Mark. I look forward to seeing where you go next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Stephen wrote on April 10, 2014
I love looking through your websites. Thanks a lot!
Jacqueline Cervoni wrote on April 4, 2014
Wow Mark you're a good driver.
Ollie wrote on April 2, 2014
Love the website-- very user pleasant and whole lots to see!
Michael W wrote on March 19, 2014
You picked the wrong time to go. It peaked (or should I say peeked) above 0 degrees today and 6 degrees tomorrow - but with rain. Have a good trip and keep up the blog entries.
JT Ruby wrote on March 19, 2014
I wish I could have a mid-life crisis..oh never mind, I can't afford to.

Enjoy the trip(s)!
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    Congrats on making it to Florida Mark! I hope your tooth problems get resolved very soon.

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