And That’s a Wrap

Hard to believe it’s been a month since my last day of pedalling. On or off the bike, life still speeds along. I continue to be feeling much better although some blood work numbers dispute some of those feelings. The recovery saga drags on. On the upside, I think I finally have all my updates posted including those covering my India excursion as well as my final day on the road. Oh, and a rant. Or two.

Somewhat unrelated, I discovered this map today. It, or something like it, probably would’ve been a good addition a few months ago. Oh well, next time.


And with that I guess the books are pretty much closed on this year’s not-at-all uneventful adventure. Since most of my other updates end with some trip totals, it seems only fitting that this one should too.

Trip totals:
Distance: 5,168.24 km (3,211.4 mi)
Ride time: 238:58:05
Average speed: 21.63 km/h (13.44 mph)
Average distance: 99.39 km (61.76 mi)

Maximum distance: 263.65 km (163.82 mi) – July 11, 2019
Longest ride time: 10:21:40 – July 11, 2019
Maximum speed: 70.87 km/h (44.04 mph) – July 31, 2019

Fastest average speed: 27.10 km/h (16.84 mph) – August 6, 2019
Slowest average speed: 15.08 km/h (9.37 mph) – July 26, 2019

States visited: 14
States pedalled: 13 (There was no pedalling in Nevada)

Favourite Day:
June 26: The Hoosiers Experience


Favourite Sight:
Devils Tower


… and now, I guess it’s time to lose the travel beard. Maybe.


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One Comment to And That’s a Wrap

  1. Janis says:

    Hey Mark. Sorry your trip is over this year. I look forward to reading all your future adventures!

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