Hacked. But revived… for now.

Some days you just want to put the top down and go for a drive. And some days you want to do that but take three cameras with you and end up spending a few hours on one short stretch of road.

A lot has changed since I last typed up an entry. Probably the biggest change is that no one probably even checks in on this blog anymore. Ok, since only seven (maybe eight) people did before I guess it’s not that big of a change. The biggest change is that as a result of the hack, my blog is now MarksMidlifeCrisis.ca – again, not that anyone will notice. And, if anyone tries to go to the “.com” version, well… it should forward to the new “.ca” address. Initial tests have been successful in that regard.

Apart from that, it seems the biggest change (for me) is that everything about the how I create these posts has changed. Wow, quite the learning curve. In fact, as I type these initial paragraphs I’m beginning to realize that I think this is actually a caption for the video. Sigh.

Hmmmm… okay, I’ve confirmed it’s not a caption. Apparently it’s a block. I have to say, pretty confused at the moment. And, yes, I think this would be considered a “stream of consciousness”. Although, given the source of the stream, it’s probably more accurate to call it babbling.

The other thing I’ve discovered is that all my slideshows (previously called “carousels”) that I painstakingly created over the years are no longer compatible with the updated software… so, now they just appear as an unsightly pile of photos. At least they’re too small to really see properly. Sigh. Definitely disappointing. But, given how many of said galleries there are/were, recreating them all will have to wait a while. Quite a while. Quite a long while, probably.

Anyway, this post is pretty much just a test. The video at the top was pretty much just for fun back in the fall but it seemed as good as any to include as part of my test.

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