Midlife Crisis:
The Early Years

2014: Road Trip: Toronto-Daytona Beach-Quest Air-Lookout Mountain (5,200 km)

Another successful crisis is in the books. Good driving, good gliding, good friends, good times!

2013: New Zealand

There’s nothing like a nice leisurely visit to a foreign land to explore all of the sites. As such, this year’s edition of my on-going midlife crisis will likely be “nothing like a nice leisurely visit” as I’m heading to New Zealand where I’m hoping to cycle from Auckland to Queenstown.

Now, for many reasons it’s pretty safe to say that daily updates are highly improbable; however, I will endeavour to post an update if and when the opportunity presents itself. So, if there are no updates for several days it doesn’t mean I got run over by a winnebago – then again, I guess it doesn’t mean that I didn’t either. :)

2011: Africa: Johannesburg to Mt. Kilimanjaro

2010: Canada: British Columia – Campbell River to Kelowna (It may have been a short trip but it was my BEST TRIP EVER!)

2009: Switzerland: Paragliding in Verbier

2008: Peru: Choquequirao and Beyond

2006: Portugal: Lisbon and More

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